The reform of the childcare leave for children: shorter, better paid, followed by good childcare services

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Publishing date: Wednesday, 07 October 2015
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This study includes an analysis of the Moldovan legal framework in the field of labor legislation and policies aimed to support families with children – and more specifically in the framework of childcare leave for children aged 0-3/ 3-6 years, as well as recommendations of policies and legislation in this area. This study includes the impact analysis not only on insured parents (who have a work place), but also on those uninsured (ex. full time students, unemployed etc.), as well as the way children, families, as well as employers, are affected.

The amount of the allowances provided at present is analyzed compared with the existence minimum amounts required for an adult and a child, including an assessment of the current length of granting this allowance (1,5 or 3 years), which varies depending on various categories of beneficiaries (insured/ noninsured status). This study makes an analysis especially from the point of view of social policies and the poverty risks for families with children. Although the study is not specifically focused on gender policies, still the identified proposals contribute significantly to a better partnership between women and men in sharing their parental responsibilities.


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This report is developed by the Independent Think-Tank Expert-Grup with support from UNICEF and funding offered by the Government of Sweden, in the framework of the project “Partnership for policies based on evidence: UNICEF, Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and Expert-Grup”. The findings and the conclusions or recommendations in this document belong only to the author and do not represent necessarily the position or the opinion of the donors.

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