Budget Transparency Index in 2015

Publishing date: Monday, 20 July 2015
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This study aims to evaluate the level of budget transparency in the Republic of Moldova. Therefore, the level of budget transparency in Moldova remains unchanged in recent years, and this lack of progress has been largely caused by political factors. The Budget Transparency Index (BTI) in Moldova in 2015, has reached 59 out of 100 points, the same score as in 2012.

Among other practices that the study recommends for ensuring better practices and higher transparency, it is necessary to formulate a concrete policy that will include measures to increase transparency at Government level, at Court of Accounts and especially at Parliament level, where transparency process evolves more difficult.

Also, some actions are required for increasing opportunities for citizen information and understanding of budget documents. It is worth highlighting the publication of Budget for Citizen 2015 as a first step in establishing a communication with the general public, through offering budget content in a user-friendly language. Concurrently, this effort should be accompanied by developing a Budget for Citizens for all important documents in this area, and also publishing a glossary of terms used in budget process.


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This document has been published by Expert-Grup Think-Tak within the project "Budgetary process in Moldova: monitoring transparency and promoting public control", financed by Soros Foundation Moldova. 


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