Budget 2015 provisions for social protection of disabled people

Publishing date: Monday, 22 June 2015
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Share of social expenditures in 2015 will reach 13.5% of GDP, or 32.3% of the total National Public Budget, ie a 1.7% increase compared to last year. At the same time, the State Social Security Budget (BASS) deficit, which normally is covered by the State budget, increased by 0.02% compared to deficit recorded in 2014. Overall, the funds for covering social expenditures are coming from BASS (10.4 billion lei, $560 million) and State Budget (3.2 billion lei, $173 million).

These funds will be disbursed for institutional maintenance, payment of salaries and social entitlements for 694 institutions, of which 59 are upheld from the state budget and other 635 from the local budgets. Per total, the social security and assistance sphere employs over 11,807 of staff, who earn an average salary of 3,115 lei ($168.4).

Other key data:

  • Share of expenditures for social protection of disabled people accounts for 7% out of the total expenditures in social protection.
  • There are 16,626 people with severe disabilities who receive social benefits for a monthly amount of 634.45 lei ($34).
  • There are 671.1 thousand people receiving a is a monthly social aid of 346.4 lei ($19.6).
  • There is a cold season allowance – in average 200 lei ($10.9).
  • State social allowances:
    • For disabled children up to 18 years (13,119 beneficiaries) – 448 lei ($24.2).
    • For disabled children up to 18 years (13,119 beneficiaries) – 448 lei ($24.2).
    • For disabled individuals since childhood (27,356 beneficiaries) – 442 lei ($23.9).
    • For disabled people (6,821 beneficiaris) – 161.5 lei ($8.7).


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