Budget 2015 provisions on the Justice Sector

Publishing date: Tuesday, 26 May 2015
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Key messages from the policy brief

  • The State Budget for 2015 on the Justice and Human Right sectors continues to growth. In particular, the sum is intended for increasing wages of judges, building offices for judges and improving detention conditions.
  • State budget expenditures in the “Justice and Constitutional Jurisdiction” for 2015 are expected to reach 750.8 million lei ($41.7 million), representing 0.64% of GDP or 2.2% of the National Public Budget.
  • There are 136 institutions operating in the sector, including the Constitutional Court, the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), the Supreme Court (SCJ), 49 judge courts and appeal courts and 60 prosecution offices. Also, the sector employs 5,079 people, of which 523 are judges, 774 - prosecutors and 2,582 - civil servants.
  • There are 504 posts of judges in all courts of the Republic of Moldova, including 33 judicial positions for the Supreme Court (SCJ).
  • The amount planned to cover the pensions for judges in 2015 is 39.8 million MDL ($2.2 million), or 2.6 times more than in 2014.
  • According to data from Prisons Department, there were 4,963 convicts in 12 prisons as of April 1st 2015, with 470 more (+10.4%) than the same date last year.


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