National Human Development Report 2014

Publishing date: Thursday, 20 November 2014
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The National Human Development Report (NHDR) 2014 highlights the role of the private sector in Moldova’s human development. It reveals that a strong private sector is key to the country’s sustainable human development and that companies are able to thrive only in a society that enjoys welfare.

The Report, entitled “Good Corporate Citizens: Public and private goals aligned for human development”, develops the metaphor of the “tree of modernization” that was first used in the 2012 Report and states that “the private sector offers the tools to ensure a faster ascent on the tree of modernization”.

The final purpose of this report is to prove based on empirical evidence and practical examples how and why the private sector should play a bolder role in community development and in the modernization processes of the country, as well as to come up with feasible and proper public policy options.


Download the Report Download Romanian version


The 2014 NHDR is an independent publication commissioned by UNDP and developed by Expert-Grup Independent think tank, which specializes in economic and public policy research. Contributions were also made by individuals and organizations, reviewers, contributors and members of the Report’s Advisory Board.

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