H4 - Publicly Provided Goods

Summary The scale of irregularities found by Moldova’s Court of Accounts (CA) has exceeded 7 billion MDL in 2014, or USD 353 million. The audits have unearthed both technical and operational problems at the audited…
Abstract In recent years, the public expenditures’ framework in Moldova has recorded several positive developments. These developments were both quantitatively and qualitatively. Improvements were primarily noticed in the public debt management, thanks to technical and…
The share of Moldova’s Road Fund in the country’s State Budget and GDP in 2013 is quite impressive - almost 5.5% of State Budget and over 1.2% of GDP, compared to 1% of GDP for…
Abstract This study aims to evaluate the level of budget transparency in the Republic of Moldova. Therefore, the level of budget transparency in Moldova remains unchanged in recent years, and this lack of progress has…
Summary During 2005-2014, Moldova saw important progress in terms of European integration - signing the Association Agreement, visa liberalization with EU, ensuring more respect for human rights, providing e-governance, IT sector and social services’ reform.…
Abstract In 2010-2014, Moldova’s Court of Accounts issued 46 decisions based on its audit reports aimed to evaluate the management of public funds and assets by local authorities of level I and II from over…
Summary Moldovan government paid in 2015 over 352 million MDL ($19.5 million) to the accounts of the Ministry of Culture - a 19% increase compared to last year. However, the share of culture spending in…
Abstract One of the main findings of this Report is that the subsidies’ distribution is discriminatory. Inequitable allocation of financial resources occurs largely because of its poor formula, vague formulation and due violating its regulations.…

Euromonitor, 4th quarter 2014 (#34)

Tuesday, 17 February 2015 Published in Publications
Abstract In July 2014, the National Action Plan for the implementation of the Moldova-EU Association Agreement which provides several relevant actions for justice reform, has been approved. However, the justice sector has little credibility in…
Budget transparency relates to how citizens participate and contribute to decision making on budgeting and how the expenditure is incurred. Analyzing the situation in Chișinău's Local Council, we found that the level of budget transparency in…
In modern economies, more and more goods and services are purchased by government from the private market. Losses arising from procurement seriously affect infrastructure development and public services, leading to deterioration of the business environment…
The study assesses the development strategies and plans in the four sectors and the current level of engagement with PPP projects in each of the four sectors. Key problems have been evaluated and a list…

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