Economic Commentaries

The Tax on Comfort

Friday, 21 October 2011 Published in Comentarii economice
Economic Commentary, no. 120 The Moldovan Government has recently adopted a decision by which the apartments disconnected from the municipal centralized heating system are to pay additionally to their own bills 20 percent of the…
Economic Commentary, no. 119 It is impossible to ensure a competitive and equitable business environment without having in place a functional regulation promoting fair competition. However, the concept of the ‘fair competition’ is quite elusive,…
Economic Commentary, no. 118 Starting from the second half of 2010, we can notice a unique phenomenon for the Moldovan economy (and not only): the bank deposits interest rates are lower than those on T-bills.…
Economic Commentary, no. 117 A recent decision of the Moldovan Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family has drawn our attention. The Ministry informs that on 1 of October, when the International Day of Elderly…
Economic Commentary, no. 116 The recently approved 23 percent increase in the tariffs the household pay for natural gas is not really inviting for a ‘cold’ assessment. The high price for gas will have to…
Economic Commentary, no. 115 Weakening of economic conditions in the European Union can strongly affect the economic situation of our country, as EU is its main trading partner. We evaluate the level of exposure of…
Economic Commentary, no. 114 According to the amended fiscal-budgetary policy, on January 1, 2011 new VAT regulations will enter into force that will affect both companies and the state budget. The proposed changes – reimbursement…
Economic Commentary, no. 113 Even in August this year the prices declined compared to July, the annualized inflation posted a 9.2 percent growth. This is one of the highest growths in consumers’ prices in the…

What is ‘Good’ Economic Growth?

Friday, 09 September 2011 Published in Comentarii economice
Economic Commentaries, nr. 112 Even though the economic growth in the second quarter of 2011 is lower than in the previous quarter, this is not necessarily a reason to worry. In fact, we expected a…
Economic Commentary, no. 111 After several months of using only various assumptions and estimates regarding the evolution of internal trade in 2011, NBS finally made public the official data on the turnover in retail trade…

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