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The post is currently available only in Romanian version.
This post is currently available only in Romanian version.
This document has been translated from Romanian to English by Radu Marian The recent data published by the Moldova’s National Bureau of Statistics displays a contradictory image over the dynamics of the Moldovan economy in…
Most of the parcels from cities' suburbs, frequently called "villas" by those from the urban areas, are regulated by an outdated Government decision which was not modified since 1994 which was inspired from some decisions…
Russian government adopted a decision that grants the right to impose customs duties on 19 product categories of Moldovan imports (meat, farming production, sugar, wheat, beer, wine, furniture etc.), despite the existence of a free…
Constanța Popesc, EXPERT-GRUP program director, comes to the conclusion that the Governemnt should establish an equal tax for both individuals and legal persons - 12%. This article is a stub, for the full version please…
This is an economic commentary signed by Rustam Romaniuc about a recent innitiative in Chișinău to provide free rides for city's citizens and its connection with the concept of reputational motivation.
Currently in the Republic of Moldova there is no paternity leave offered to fathers at child's birth, even though this is a frequent practice in the UE. At this time, there is a legislative initiative…

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