Economic Commentaries

Economic Commentary, no. 91 Last Friday the experts’ community has been struck by the idea of the Liberal-Democrat Party of Moldova to nominate Mr. Serafim Urecheanu as Chairman of the Court of Accounts of Moldova.…
Economic Commentary, no. 90 Discussions regarding Moldova transiting to a new economic model based on innovations and exports take deeper ground. In this context, the balance of payments data regarding the foreign trade in services…

Investors Are Not Coming to Moldova

Wednesday, 06 April 2011 Published in Comentarii economice
Economic Commentary, no. 89 Moldovan economy is on its recovery path: economic growth in 2010 was higher than in most of countries in the region. However, is this growth a sign of prospering economy with…
Economic Commentary, no. 88 On 30 of March, the Government has adopted ‘as principle’ a decision to amend the remuneration conditions of the directors of the state enterprises. The essence of the decision is to cut…
Economic Commentary, no. 87 The Ministry of Economy has recently adopted the decision to withdraw the environmental tax on the imported products packed with tetra-pack or plastic materials. The argument was that this tax goes…
Economic Commentary, no. 86 The inflation of energy resources and of other production factors was not the single culprit of the robust price hikes in 2010. Thus, monetary inflationary factors (the increase in lending and…

Un dirijism prea de tot?

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 Published in Comentarii economice
Comentariul economic nr. 85 Intenţia guvernului de a crea o întreprindere de stat specializată în importul de medicamente deja a provocat o serie de controverse. În această scurtă notă analitică vom încerca să aruncăm o privire…

Radiography of the Economic Year 2010

Thursday, 13 January 2011 Published in Comentarii economice
Economic Commentary, no. 84What is an Economic Radiography? Traditionally, at the beginning of every year, the independent think tank Expert-Grup makes brief reviews - radiographies - for the previous economic year. Like in 2008-2009, the…
Economic Commentary, no. 83 In 2009, the number of officially registered unemployed has doubled, and in 2010, the growth continued, albeit at slightly lower rates. The historical height was reached in April 2010, when the…

A Region Drifting Away?

Thursday, 23 December 2010 Published in Comentarii economice
Economic Commentary, no. 82 While attention of Moldovan public is captured by the saga of coalition negotiations, the Gagauzian autonomous region (located in Southern Moldova) is still in the electoral process with the second round…

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