Economic Commentaries

Gagauzia: The Drift Continues

Thursday, 16 June 2011 Published in Comentarii economice
Economic Commentary, no. 101 The media frenzy around local elections has been somewhat limited to Chisinau, shading the electoral outcomes in other regions. In the Gagauzian autonomy, which remains deeply split between the supporters of…
Economic Commentary, no. 100  During the first 4 months of 2011, the Central Bank had the least visible presence on the domestic foreign exchange market in comparison with the same annual periods in the last…
Economic Commentary, no. 99 The foreign trade remains on an ascending trend, displaying a remarkably robust growth. Statistical data for January-April 2011 reveal a 63 percent year-on-year boost, a growth rate not seen since 2005.…
Economic Commentary, no. 98 In the first quarter of the year, investments in the economy continued to grow. The growth rate of investment in long-term tangible assets reached the level of 2007-2008 years. Certainly, this…
Economic Commentary, no. 97 Rising prices for food and energy products, coupled with the recovery of domestic and foreign demand is likely to push the headline inflation until the end of the current year well…
Economic Commentary, no. 96 The Moldovan Ministry of Finance has recently published a study on the fiscal decentralization. Authors of the study try to compare the options available for withholding the personal income tax and…
Economic Commentary, no. 95 At its recent meeting on 26 of May, the Administration Board of the National Bank of Moldova has approved the increasing of the banks’ required reserves norm from 11 percent to…
Economic Comentary, no. 94 The Ministry of Health has recently approved a decision according to which the National Company for Health Insurance will directly contract the rural health centers. Is it really a necessary change…
Economic Commentary, no. 93 Recovery of the Moldova economy that began in 2010 has continued and even intensified strongly in the first quarter of this year, prompting the revision of the main macroeconomic indicators for…
Economic Commentary, no. 92 This analysis identifies the most important risks and opportunities, both domestic and geopolitical, that the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement Moldova is going to sign the EU will bring. The…

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