EU-Moldova Relations: Monitoring the Progress in the Context of European Neighborhood Policy

Publishing date: Wednesday, 22 November 2006
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Project title: EU-Moldova Relations: Monitoring the Progress in the Context of European Neighborhood Policy;

Implementation period: December 2, 2011 – February 11, 2013 (seventh year of implementation);

Funded by: Soros Foundation-Moldova, Good Governance Program;

Partners: Association for Participatory Democracy ADEPT (Republic of Moldova);

Project goal: This project will contribute to improving the European integration policies and will further support the public debates framework created in result of previous stages of the project’s implementation;

Main activities:

  • Systematically monitoring and analyzing the implementation of the economic commitments Moldova adopted as part of its European integration policy;
  • Preparing policy studies on the subjects relevant for Moldova's European integration policy;
  • Delivering public presentations on the economic aspects related to European integration policy of Moldova;
  • Writing alternative reports on the Moldova's progress in implementation of its commitments towards the EU;
  • Organizing public meetings for discussions between public officials and civil society on the European integration policy;

Main outputs and outcomes:

  • Euromonitor no.23;
  • Euromonitor no.24;
  • Euromonitor no.25;
  • Euromonitor no.26;
  • Policy Study “Informal employment in Moldova: causes, consequences and ways of reduction”, author Ana Popa, presented at a workshop organized on 27 of September 2012;
  • Policy Study “The price of solidarity between generations and the optimal model for the pensions system reform”, author Adrian Lupusor, presented at a roundtable on 27 of September 2012;
  • Independent assessment on implementation of the Moldova’s economic reforms commitments as part of the ENP;
  • Four contributions by EXPERT-GRUP for the “Governance and Democracy” review published by ADEPT;

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