MTBF? No, I did not hear that.

Publishing date: Monday, 20 February 2012
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Economic Commentary, no. 135

The title of this commentary has been inspired by a pejorative expression – “no, I did not hear that” - used in the Moldovan blogosphere. Moldovan bloggers are using this expression to deride the social indifference towards problems that should concern all of us, citizens of this country. In this commentary we try to shed some light on a subject which may sound as esoteric for the civil society, but also for many public officials – the Mid-Term Budgetary Framework – and to explain how this MTBF could be better used by the civil society organizations to advocate more efficiently for policy changes in the interest of the social groups they represent. Such an increased level of participation would bring more transparency into the policy process and would benefit the entire society. 

Full version available only in Romanian.


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