The most important 11 updates of the newly adopted Fiscal Policy for 2015

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Publishing date: Thursday, 09 April 2015
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Excerpt from the Romanian version:

The amendments that were pushed by the Government for the 2015 fiscal policy were developed under low transparency. Still, at least some of the business associations have had the opportunity to discuss the project and come up with proposals. Therefore, some damaging provisions from the initial draft (published in June 2014) were improved, while others were eliminated. However, it should be stressed that a good dialogue with some of the business associations cannot substitute the dialogue with the society in general and its representatives.

Unfortunately, this lack of transparency when developing the fiscal policy creates the biggest problems. Even more harmful is that the lack of dialogue and transparency leads to erroneous perceptions and triggers hostile reactions from society, even if the proposed amendments are not that bad.

For 2015, the proposals do not actually show major changes to the taxation system. At the same time, the project contains a number necessary and useful provisions, which create better business conditions and clearer taxation rules. The proposals also include traditional adjustments of the tax thresholds and the exemptions for individuals and also an increase of excise taxes.


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