Analysis and economic forecast

Expert-Grup presented ”Evolution of trade between Republic of Moldova and the European Union in the first few years of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Areas Agreement” at the third session of the internal consultation…
Expert-Grup launched Moldova's Banking Performance Rating with an interactive dashboard which will be updated monthly, offering a comprehensive analysis of the results delivered by the commercial banks. Publication (Ro) Dashboard (Ro) 
This document features a detailed analysis of the shareholders of Moldovan banks, producing a rating of transparency and shareholders’ quality. Excerpt According to the analysis, only four banks (out of 11), exceed the 7 points’…
Summary Last year was a turning one for Moldovan baking system, when systemic weaknesses combined with large-scale fraudulent transactions have triggered an unprecedented banking crisis. As a result, the reduction of deposits attracted and the…

DCFTA between Moldova and EU after one year

Friday, 04 December 2015 Published in Publications
Authors: Ana Popa,
Key Messages September 2015 marked one year since the implementation of DCFTA (Deep & Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement) between Moldova and EU began, and its results were overshadowed by the country’s economic and political problems,…
Key messages of the report. Download the full report here. Russian Federation has been one of the main export partners of the Republic of Moldova during the whole transition period. However, the share of exports…
Executive Summary The minimum wage remains a tool with contradictory outcomes in terms of income redistribution and social equity goals. Essentially, international data shows that increasing minimum wage does not actually contribute to income convergence.…

Analysis: Fall of Moldovan Leu

Friday, 13 March 2015 Published in Publications
Authors: Alexandru Fala,
Executive Summary Moldova was clearly in “false start” at the beginning of 2015. The turmoil on the foreign exchange market was just a high-intensity sequence in a systemic trend of depreciation of the Moldovan Leu…

2014 Economic Review & Challenges for 2015

Monday, 29 December 2014 Published in Publications
Expert-Grup is launching its seveth annual economic review of the Republic of Moldova. The review includes: Top 5 successes in 2014 Top 5 failures in 2014 Top 5 challenges for 2015 The document includes 7…
The press release in available only in Romanian.
This publication is only available in Romanian.
This publication is only available in Romanian.
The full use of economic opportunities offered by the European Union Association Agreement requires imminent alignment with the European legislation, which implies application of technical regulations and progressive adoption of the European Standards (EN), as…
The study assesses the perspectives of alternative export markets for Moldovan products that were restricted in Russian Federation, in order contribute to the optimization of Moldova’s export geography and to reduce the medium term risks.…
The Association Agreement undoubtedly marks a higher level in the bilateral relations between our country and the European Union. This will grant Moldovan products a larger access towards the EU market and will involve a large-scale…

Moldovan Economic Review for 2013

Friday, 27 December 2013 Published in Publications
This is the sixth annual economic review developed by Independent Think-Tank EXPERT-GRUP. By far, similar reviews were made between 2008-2012, aimed to offer our readers a comprehensive look over the major economic evolutions of the…
This study is developed based on a structural model with regression equations which shows the quantitative features of the Moldova economic relationships. The causal relationships, as well as external variables were determined under the opinion…
In April 2012, has developed and launched the Economic Leading Indicator (ELI), a special analytic tool very useful for the assessment of the economic fluctuations and for anticipation of the short-term shocks. With longer time…

Constraints Analysis

Friday, 15 October 2010 Published in Publications
Authors: Alex Oprunenco, Ana Popa,
Main goal of the report is to identify the critical constraints to economic growth of Republic of Moldova, using the methodology that Hausmann, Rodrik and Velasco proposed in their 2005 study "Growth Diagnostics". The report…

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