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On 26 September 2016, the Government assumed responsibility for the draft law stipulating the conversion of guarantees granted in 2014 and 2015 to NBM loans for Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank into state…
The Independent Think-Tank Expert-Grup has assessed the main reform actions within Moldova’s financial banking sector during April – July 2016 and noted some signs of improvement. Executive summary Experts warn about the still existing shortcomings…
Key messages of this edition Despite internal and external constraints, in 2015 the economy fell by only 0.5%, which was close to the baselinescenario of the Expert-Grup forecast (-0.8%) for the given year. The only…
Summary Last year was a turning one for Moldovan baking system, when systemic weaknesses combined with large-scale fraudulent transactions have triggered an unprecedented banking crisis. As a result, the reduction of deposits attracted and the…
Это третий выпуск издания „Региональный экономический журнал: Приднестровье”, который проанализирует экономическую эволюцию Приднестровья, основные макроэкономические и секторные тенденции к концу 2015 года и предоставит прогнозы в отношении ключевых экономических показателей в 2016 г. Главные идеи…
This is the 3rd issue of the Regional Economic Review: Transnistrian region, which analyses the economic evolution of the region from Dniester’s left bank, explains the key macroeconomic and sector-level trends in the region and…
Abstract The current status-quo of the Republic of Moldova can be labeled as a country amid a general crisis, evidenced through a combination of at least five self-sustaining crises: economic, institutional, budget, banking and social…
Abstract The current adverse economic developments in Moldova, unlike previous years, are mostly determined by domestic influences rather than external ones. The banking crisis had a crucial impact in deteriorating economic situation in Moldova, even…
In recent months, the situation in our banking system has worsened considerably. All institutions responsible for the economic security silently allowed these fraudulent mega-transactions to materialize, therefore leading to the de-capitalization of these three systemic…

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