Economic Commentaries

Economic Commentary, no. 131 It seems that Moldova is caught into the frenzy of writing strategies. Certainly, the development of strategies is not a bad thing in itself, since many sectors need major reforms or…
Economic Commentary, no. 130 In 2010, the Moldovan Government approved the Program for development of the food products market infrastructure and accepted the proposal made by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry of creating…
Economic Commentary, no. 129 EU is mired into a deep crisis, not only financial, but also of political leadership. However, an objective analysis of the financial indicators dismantles apocalyptic scenarios, such as abolishing the Euro…
Economic Commentary, no. 128 Moldova successfully recovers for the second year in a row from the effects of economic crisis, if to judge by GDP growth data. However, statistics do not always take into account…
Economic Commentary, no. 127 The sovereign debt crisis in the Eurozone is taking its toll on the overall European Union economy, which has, obviously, its repercussions on Moldovan. We analyze the level of exposure of…
Economic Commentary, no. 126 The Moldovan Parliament has voted the draft law approving important changes to the fiscal-budgetary policy in the first reading. However, final approval is not going to be an easy journey. Quite…
Economic Commentary, no. 125 Business environment represents a complex set of elements encompassing policies, infrastructure and social parameters, which determine the volume of investments in a given economy. Approaching the business environment in a rather…
Economic Commentary, no. 124 Despite the fact that the import prices have a share of about 55%-60% of the final domestic priced for fuels in Moldova, the companies are very reluctant in adjusting their retail…
Economic Commentary, no. 123 After a continuous monetary policy tightening followed during the last 2 years, the central bank decided to reduce its policy rate by 0.5 percentage points. We explain the main reason for…
Economic Commentary, no. 122 This performance rating was developed by the Expert-Grup with the purpose of objectively evaluating and comparing the evolution of Moldovan commercial banks. This analysis reflects the evolution of the commercial banks…

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