Economic Commentaries

Currently in the Republic of Moldova there is no paternity leave offered to fathers at child's birth, even though this is a frequent practice in the UE. At this time, there is a legislative initiative…
With the establishment in 2004 of the Moldova Deposit Insurance Fund, for the first time there was enacted a minimum deposit insurance rate in case of bank insolvency. Today this rate is set at 6,000…
On April 23rd 2014, the Moldovan government approved a decision to increase the guaranteed minimum wage with 250 MDL in the real sector. Thereby, as of May 1st 2014, it will reach the 1650 MDL…
The liberalization process of the visa regime reached its final point and as of April 28th 2014, Moldovan citizens can travel without visas in 30 Schengen countries. It is indeed, a historic event for Moldova,…
The participation of Moldova in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) is a topic extensively discussed by various political actors. Increasingly, CIS is qualified as an inefficient organization, which does not serve the national interests…
According to the preliminary data provided by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), published on 17 March 2014, Moldovan economy grew in 2013 by an impressive 8.9% rate, the highest growth recorded so far and…
Two parallel worlds: What are the Differences between the EU Association Agreement and “Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan” Customs Union? Currently, the Moldovan public space is dominated by some contradictions and confusions regarding the country’s external orientation.  More specifically,…
This commentary compares the visa liberalization processes of Moldova and West Balkans and stresses out the positive scenario the EU has drawn for visa liberalization for Moldova. EU aims to eliminate the visas 2 months…
This commentary by Ion Mocanu describes the facets and consequences of the events in Găgăuzia, where two so called referendums took place 2 February 2014: Legislative „referendum” for establishing the Găgăuz region independence; Consultative „referendum”…
Starting with January 1 2014, Russia has entered into force the new tightened migration rules, as a reaction of the country's elites at a series of both internal and external challenges. The economic commentary offers…

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