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Comentariu preluat de pe Info-Prim-Neo. Anul 2015 a fost plin de dezamăgiri legate de naivitatea UE, acţiunile forţelor pretins pro-europene existente şi multiple reforme amânate. Totuşi, anul 2015 rămâne important pentru că a impulsionat mai…
An opinion by Adrian Lupusor on the procedure of selecting th new Governor of National Bank of Moldova. See full version in Romanian.
This post by associate expert Denis Cenușă was initially published on the European Leadership Network website. More than ever, the Eastern Partnership (EaP) needs new incentives to be strengthened and re-organized. The Riga Summit is…
Abstract Although visa liberalization marks a major success in Moldova’s quest to becoming closer to the EU, the process is ignored, underestimated and often challenged by a part of the society. This is due to…
In an extended article wrote on the verge of the Riga Summit, Denis Cenușa tackles the dillemmas faced by Moldova after the 2013 Vilnius Summit.    Read here the full version of the article between…
In recent months, the situation in our banking system has worsened considerably. All institutions responsible for the economic security silently allowed these fraudulent mega-transactions to materialize, therefore leading to the de-capitalization of these three systemic…
Excerpt from the Romanian version: The amendments that were pushed by the Government for the 2015 fiscal policy were developed under low transparency. Still, at least some of the business associations have had the opportunity…
This post originally appeared on the London School of Economics' Blog. --- The EU signed an association agreement with Moldova in 2014. Denis Cenusa writes on the EU’s relations with the country since 2009, when a pro-European…
This is an op-en wrote by Adrian Lupușor. Read more in the Romanian version.
This following op-ed was published on 21 January 2015 for Emerging-Europe platform. Almost two months have passed since the parliamentary elections of November 30, 2014, one of the most controversial elections in Moldova’s short history as…

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