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The state capture and oligarchic control of political power and electoral processes in the associated countries of the Eastern Partnership – Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine – are acknowledged by EU institutions, civil society organisations and…
The visa-free regime extended to Moldova in 2014 and to Ukraine and Georgia in 2017 has marked an important milestone in their relationships with the European Union. As a result, traveling to Europe has been…
The Constitutional Court validated the mandates of the 101 new MPs (9 March, 2019), and the attention turns toward the formation of a viable coalition. The Democratic Party was the first to rush into negotiations…
Less than 1.5 million citizens voted to renew the legislative body of Moldova. This is only 49% of total number of voters or about 200.000 fewer votes compared to 2014.  Neither the populist policies introduced…
It is not surprising that the Russian Federation can change at any time its trade policy views in relation to its partners, defying the international rules and commitments in this area. This practice is also…
Competent authorities should investigate how the company's debt has been formed On October 2, 2018, the Public Property Agency announced of the successful privatization of the State-owned Airline Company "Air Moldova" (hereinafter Air Moldova) .…
Comments on the Government Decision No. 225 of March 12, 2018 to approve the Program on Road Fund distribution for the national public roads in 2018 and the Program for the periodic repair of national…
Proiectul politicii fiscale şi vamale pentru anul 2018 recent publicat de Ministerul Finanțelor conține în total modificări în peste 130 de articole din 11 coduri și legi, cele mai multe referindu-se la Codul Fiscal și…
The following comment aims to clarify some aspects reflected in the analysis ”Republica Moldova. Doi ani de la semnarea Acordului de Asociere cu UE” [eng. “Republic of Moldova. Two years after signing the Association Agreement…

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