Annual activity report of the Independent Think-Tank ”Expert-Grup” for 2018

Publishing date: Monday, 15 April 2019
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Dear reader,

It is my great pleasure to present our Activity Report for 2018. You will find out how we continued to develop our 8 programs (ranging from sustainable development to energy market or from monetary and financial sectors to public administration reforms), what projects we implemented and what results we did achieve during this challenging year.

It was another year with important achievements for Expert-Grup. Just to mention few of them: we took the lead on the process of development of the National Development Strategy "Moldova 2030" and implicitly on the promotion of the Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals in Moldova, as well as the reformation of the entire policy planning framework (a key precondition for effective and coherent policy-making process), we supported the dynamic reforms in the financial sector, on the one hand, by closely monitoring them, and, on the other hand, by providing technical assistance in developing fundamental tools that will help the regulators to enforce more efficiently the integrity and good governance of the financial institutions (e.g. banking transparency scoring, Financial Stress Indicator, concept for the deposit guarantee scheme for loan and savings associations etc.), we continued to promote social accountability in the educational sector, budgetary transparency in the public sector, energy security and anticorruption policies. Also, our flagship publications on the State of the Country, Moldova Economy Growth Analysis (MEGA) and Real Economy provided independent and evidence-based assessments of macroeconomic and social trends, flagged key challenges, and provided forecasts and strategic policy recommendations.

An important turning point in 2018 was marked by our stronger focus on a series of issues that influence the sustainable economic development: inequalities, gender balance, environment protection and conflict resolution. In the comming years, these dimensions will be increasingly visible throughout our work, due to their relevance to the country and region context.

Among many usefull lessons learned from 2018 year, I would highlight that in order to maximize the impact of our interventions, it is necessary to diversify our stakeholders and beneficiaries. Therefore, the priorities for 2019-2020 for Expert-Grup are:

  • to be more present at the local level by providing expertise and serving as a resource organization for LPAs and local CSOs;
  • to engage more with the private sector, esspecially in the context of DCFTA implementation;
  • to develop closer ties with similar entities outside the country (primarily, Central and Eastern Europe, but not only);
  • to develop partnerships with universities and other educational institutions, given the strategic importance of the economics of education as a new area of action.

Having said that, I express my sincere gratitude to the entire Expert-Team and donnor community for supporting our mission, values and priorities.

Adrian Lupusor 
Executive Director, Expert-Grup

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