Consolidating participation of civil society in decision- and policy-making processes

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Project title: Consolidating participation of civil society in decision- and policy-making processes;

Implementation period: June 10, 2012 – June 10, 2014;

Funded by: East-European Foundation;

Partners: Organizations-members of the Working Group Economy, Finance and Business Environment of the National Council for Participation;

Project goal: The key goal of this project is to educate the central governmental agencies the culture of consulting and of involving the civil society in the process of developing, monitoring and evaluating Governmental policies. This project is a joint initiative of the organizations composing the National Council for Participation, with EXPERT-GRUP being responsible for the part of the project related to the Group on Economy, Finance and Business Environment of the NCP. At the same time, this project serves to consolidate the capacities of the NCP members and their constituencies to influence economic policies and will foster the sector-level expertise that NCP members have;

Main activities:

  • Mapping out the Governmental decision-making processes on the issues of interest for the Group on Economy, Finance and Business Environment;
  • Promoting new subjects on the Government agenda, actively participating in various working groups and collegial bodies of ministries;
  • Monitoring the most important strategies and plans of actions;
  • Intervening on subjects and issues present on the Governmental agenda, in order to raise awareness about the policy risks and opportunities;

Main outputs and outcomes:

  • Policy processes mapping-outs;
  • Analytic reports on subjects relevant for the Government agenda;
  • Evaluation reports of strategies and Governmental programs;

Expected project impact:

As a result of this project, the NCP will become a framework of expression and involvement, which would be visible and attractive for Moldovan civil society organizations. NCP will become a viable and valued partner of the Government in the preparation and evaluation of policy. At the same time, we anticipate that this project will help NCP become a tool for effective and transparent promotion of the public interests.


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