Clientelism at your fingertips

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Project title: Clientelism at your fingertips;

Implementation period: June 15, 2012 – May 15, 2013;

Funded by: Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation;

Partner: Expert-Forum (Romania);

Project goal: This is a pilot-project aiming to create instruments to measure- and report on- politically-motivated deviations from rules governing the allocation of public resources in Romania and Moldova, to campaign to make the issue visible, and feed the results into the current EU anti-corruption strategies;

Main activities:

  • Documenting and measuring the practice of politically preferential allocations, on which there are numerous anecdotic accounts, but no widely known figures or objective indicators;
  • Disclosing information in a friendly, easy to access and graphically attractive manner so that it can be taken over without distortions by the media;
  • Running aggressive media and online campaigns to increase awareness;
  • Initiating smart participation measures, such as opening debates on the dedicated websites, forum-style, on specific policies/transfers/analytical results;
  • Inviting other experts to join in the effort (online) and fill in gaps or correct data;

Main outputs and outcomes:

  • A visible and well-established online database, in attractive format, updated regularly and with increased traffic in the days when new information is released;
  • A network of 5 to 10 reputed journalists in each country, from the national and local media, to give feedback on the data and function as nodal transmitters when we periodically publish or organize media events;
  • Institutionalized cooperation with the relevant domestic actors;
  • Quotations and interviews in the written and electronic media;
  • One workshop in each country plus a visit to Brussels to present our initiative – and if possible to give input – to the EU actors who work on the same agenda (mainly Commission and Parliament);
  • At least three policy briefs and a summarizing report published during the project, communicating to the national publics our initiative and most important findings;

Expected project impact:

We expect that this project will make the parties in power less tempted to use inter-governmental transfers of all sorts to maximize their electoral results, by deviating from the allocation rules in order to secure political support among local administrative elites, while the public will become more informed and demanding more transparency in public spending. 


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