Study on the informal activity of firms and individuals and informal employment

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Donor:  UNDP Moldova.

Project title: "Study on the informal activity of firms and individuals and informal employment".

Implementation period: December 2020 - May 2021.

About the project: The objective of the project is to conduct a comprehensive exploratory study on the informal economic activity of firms and individuals and informal employment in the Republic of Moldova and formulate policy recommendations for properly addressing this issue, given the complexities it entails. 

The project main activities

In order to achieve this project scope, the sequence of the following activities will be implemented:

• Conducting a series of inception meetings with representatives of UNDP, Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, National Bureau of Statistics, National Employment Association, Labour State Inspectorate, National Confederation of Trade Unions and National Confederation of Employers (in order to save time and facilitate a richer discussion about the expectations of these stakeholders from this project, there would be organized a joint inception meeting). 

• Developing a detailed methodology based on the expectations and suggestions received from relevant stakeholders during the inception meetings.

• Conducting the desk research of the available information, studies and data, related to the phenomenon of informal economy and employment. 

• Conducting a short overview of the policy framework related to the informal economy and informal employment. 

• Conducting two representative surveys, one among employees and another one among employers, in order to understand the size and the nature of the phenomena, and profile the characteristics of the informal economy actors etc.



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