Donor Mapping and Assessment and Migration Study/Desk Review

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Donor: The United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Implementation period: February - April 2020

Main activities:

The project main results are a (i) donors’ mapping and assessment and (ii) a study on migration. 

The donors’ mapping exercise will provide a holistic overview of the activities/actions carried out by the International Donor Community in Moldova, the ones that are part of the on-going donor programs and agreements (unilateral, bilateral and multilateral ones). Also, under this work stream the team will analyze the correlation between the donor programs on the one hand and country’s development challenges and policy priorities on the other hand. It will be done in order to understand the specific competitive advantages of each donor, identify areas of overlap and potential gaps and, in this way, identify opportunities of intervention.

The study on migration is focused on social, economic and political drivers of out migration. The analysis will include how these factors intersect in individual decisions to leave Moldova (whether temporarily, or from starters, with plan to ensure a permanent stay abroad). In the analysis, there will be examined the trends and motivators within specific subgroups (also including a gender breakdown, a specific look at decisions made by the younger population that seek employment or higher education, as well as the elderly population (retired, who choose to leave their lives in the rural areas). An important aspect that will be analyzed will be the factors that motivate the Diaspora representatives to return home.

Project impact: 

The project results are key contributions that play an essential role in informing the decizion making factors in terms of the necessary interventions in the key development fields of the country. In what concerns the migration study, considering that Moldova currently faces severe demographic challenges, the study drafted within the project provided informed findings and conclusions and, based on them, specific recommendations on how these challenges can be best addressed through evidence – based policies on migration.


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