The use of natural resources: improving the tracking process and transparency
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Donor: The Soros Foundation - Moldova

Implementation period: January 2019 – April 2020

The project purpose is to contribute in an efficient manner to the tracking mechanisms and measures implemented by the public authorities to obtain trustworthy and transparent tracking records on the extraction of widely used mineral resources.

Main activities: 

  • Evaluating the level of transparency in the field of mineral resources extraction in the Republic of Moldova, in line with international standards;
  • Assessing the current situation in the field and drafting a set of comprehensive recommendations;
  • Promoting the implementation of recommendations by the relevant authorities;
  • Drafting the warning and civic monitoring systems in what concerns the exploitation of both authorized and non-authorized pits;
  • Raising awareness, at national level, on the gravity of the situation related to the non-transparent and illegal extraction of widely used mineral resources.

Project results:

  • The recommendations on the necessary amendments to the institutional and regulatory framework regarding the system on monitoring the natural resources and the extraction volume of widely used mineral resources were elaborated and discussed with the relevant authorities;
  • The civil monitoring mechanism of authorized and non-authorized pits for extracting widely used mineral resources was created is fully functional;
  • The citizens, opinion makers, politicians, decision makers etc., are informed about the scale of the issue on extracting widely used mineral resources and this discussion is present in the public space.

Project impact: 

The analytical materials drafted within the project will increase the level of awareness of the issue on natural resources. Through public pressure, the authorities will implement a series of measures and mechanisms that ensure a transparent extraction of widely used mineral resources. Consolidating the efforts of all interested actors and enhancing the civic control on the use of these resources will considerably impact the overall natural resources management in the Republic of Moldova.


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