Comprehensive Education Sector Analysis, Republic of Moldova

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Donor: UNICEF Moldova

Implementation of the project: July 2018 – February 2019

Scope of the project: to provide a detailed description of all levels of the education system, non-formal education and lifelong learning, which would present achievements, shortcomings and challenges faced by the sector and would provide recommendations regarding further development of the sector.

Main activities:

  • Conducting a preliminary analysis of existing materials and relevant studies, collecting and analyzing the data to describe the following dimensions:
    • Context analysis;
    • Analysis of existing policies;
    • Analysis of cost and finance;
    • Analysis of education system performance;
    • Analysis of the education system capacity.
  • Developing the education sector assessment report, containing recommendations and proposals regarding the strategic vision for the new education sector strategy.
  • Integrating gender in the analysis of mentioned dimensions.
  • Analyzing integration of Sustainable Development Goals relevant for educational sector within the national policy framework.
  • Analyzing data sources, openness and availability.
  • Consulting, completing and validating the report on the comprehensive assessment of the education sector.

Deliverable of the project: the report on comprehensive education sector analysis in the Republic of Moldova.

Impact of the project: lessons learnt, and recommendations formulated as result of assessment will be taken into consideration in the process of developing and substantiating the new education sector strategy.


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