Reconnect Moldova: Bringing Gas on the Iasi-Ungheni Pipeline

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Donor: The Embassy of the Netherlands to Bucharest

Implementation period: November 2018 – July 2019

Project goal: Monitoring the progress on the pipeline and energy sector reforms in Moldova; developing an advocacy campaign targeting both authorities in Chisinau and the general public, and the stakeholders in Brussels; and, thereby speeding up the interconnection.

Main activities:

  • Meeting with key decision-makers in Chisinau;
  • Produce a report and launch it in a debate with decision-makers in Chisinau;
  • Discuss with citizens from Chisinau and other cities (Ungheni or Straseni that are bypassed by the planned pipeline to Chisinau, and another important city such as Balti or Comrat) to explain why the energy reforms are needed and collect their concerns, and reinforce connections with local NGOs;
  • Travel to Brussels to meet with relevant decision-makers and present the findings of the report and advocate for higher involvement of the Energy Community.

Project outcome: Report on reforms and energy sector and the construction of the gas interconnection, which will contain an investigative section on the bitcoin mining scheme in Moldova, envisaging risks for the functioning of the gas sector, which will be explained to the general public.

Project impact: Informed International Financial Institutions, donors, experts, and local public about the important developments in the energy sector, and in particular on construction of gas interconnection, through recommendations and advocacy activities in Chisinau, Bucharest and Brussels.


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