Turning Europeanisation in Moldova from inspirational to operational through closer interactions between independent policy research actors in Moldova and European Union

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Period of implementation: December 2017 – December 2019

Donor: Open Society Foundation

Project purpose: Increase the speed, effectiveness and inclusiveness of Europeanization processes in Moldova and, implicitly, stimulate the level of information, understanding and interest of the population in this process, by means of higher quality and reliability of policy research.

Project objectives

The project purpose will be achieved by the following five objectives:

  • Increase the interactions between the independent policy research actors in Moldova and EU (mainly western countries), namely by facilitating the exchange of knowledge and expertise and establishing new contacts;
  • Enrich the domestic debates about Europeanisation processes in Moldova with higher quality research and that is better anchored into the Europe-level discussions and trends;
  • Attract more attention and spur more awareness about the Europeanisation issue and opportunities from Moldova among western EU capitals and EU decision-makers;
  • Enhance the advocacy efforts at the domestic and EU levels for policy measures that would make the Europeanization processes in Moldova more rapid, effective and inclusive.
  • Increase the level of information of the population in Moldova about the opportunities and benefits of the Europeanization process.




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