Mid-term review of the implementation of the sector strategy “Education-2020”

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Donor: UNICEF Moldova

 Period of implementation: February 2018 – May 2018

Purpose of the project: evaluating the implementation of the sector strategy “Education-2020” during 2014-2017 in order to: (a) establish the level achieved in implementing Strategy objectives; (b) assess the efficiency and effectiveness of Strategy implementation; (c) identifying drawbacks in implementing the Strategy and their causes.

 Main activities: 

  • To find out the extent to which strategic directions, specific objectives and actions are anchored in the National Development Strategy "Moldova 2020" and in the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.
  • To find out the extent to which the actions in the Strategy were reflected in the activity plans of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and financially covered according to sectorial expenditures strategies.
  • To find out the level to which actions where implemented and the extent to which they have led to the achievement of the specific objectives.
  • To establish the progress in achieving monitoring indicators against the baseline (2012), the level of intermediate targets (2017) and the likelihood of reaching final targets (2020).
  • To identify the causes that have led to the implementation or non-implementation of the Strategy provisions.
  • To analyse the main shortcomings in the implementation of the Strategy.

 Key deliverable: Report on mid-term evaluation of the Sectorial strategy “Education-2020”.

Impact of the project: lessons learned and formulated recommendations will be considered in the process of drafting and substantiating a new sectorial strategy on education.


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