Combating Clientelism in Local Investments and Financial Transfers

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Donor: Open Society Foundations

Duration: October 2017 – September 2019 (24 months)

The main scope of the project is to build capacity for monitoring financial transfers from the central government to local communities (funds from national sources or foreign partners) in order to prevent current widespread political clientelism, by creating tools, best practices and by empowering local civic watchdogs.

Description of the project: The project is implemented by a consortium of 3 partners, led by EFOR Romania and implemented in Romania, Moldova and Georgia. Expert-Grup is responsible for implementing activities in the Republic of Moldova. Within the project, the central budget transfers to local authorities will be monitored to identify cases of allocation of resources on the basis of political affiliation, local monitoring networks will be identified in 6 localities and grant support to increase their civic involvement capacities.


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