Tracking of Government of Moldova's Priority Reform Action Roadmap

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Donnor: USAID Moldova

The Independent Analytic Centre ”Expert-Grup”, the Association for Participatory Democracy ”ADEPT”, and the Justice Resource Centre in Moldova, with the support of the USAID, have initiated the monitoring process of the Priority Reform Action Roadmap implementation in the second semester.

The project scope is to offer the public an independent opinion about the process of the reform implementation by the Government and the Parliament and also increase the level of governance accountability.

About the project. The monitoring exercise will take place between October 2017 and January 2018, and will cover all 8 directions specified in the Roadmap. The results will be published online through an interactive application which will be updated every 2 weeks. The application will present the independent opinion of the experts in each action assumed by the Government and the Parliament, in a clear and accessible format. Additionally, 2 evaluation reports will be drafted (intermediary and final) and presented during the round-tables planned for November 2017 and January 2018.


  1. Monitoring and tracking methodology;
  2. Dissemination plan and execution
  3. Online dashboard for tracking the progress available in three languages (Romanian, English and Russian) (instead of the “One-page progress tracker template” mentioned in the RfP). Reason for this modification: the online dashboard will serve as an interactive progress tracker.
  4. Bi-weekly updates of the online dashboard.
  5. Monthly debriefing meetings with USAID, on demand.
  6. Mid-term monitoring report that will review the activities implemented so far, identify opportunities and challenges related to the implemented activities, and provide policy recommendations, available in three languages (Romanian, English and Russian)
  7. Public event for presenting the findings of the mid-term monitoring report (additional activity to those mentioned in the RfP). Reason for this modification: it will increase the project outreach.
  8. Final progress report, outlining the roadmap accomplishments, shortcomings, analytical assessment and recommended follow-up actions, available in three languages (Romanian, English and Russian).
  9. Final debriefing with USAID.
  10. Public event for presenting the final progress report.

Access the monitoring application

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