On July 10 2015, Expert-Grup in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung hosted the 3rd edition of MACRO 2015 Annual International Conference. The topic of this year was “Fostering Economic and Social Security.” The Conference was structured in…
The Independent Think-Tank Expert-Grup has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the ”Empowered Citizens Enhancing Accountability of the Education Reform and Quality of Education in Moldova”, and intends to apply part…
This post originally appeared on UNDP's Voice for Eurasia Blog. --- In our previous blog posts, we reflected on the nature of development complexities that emerged as part of our foresighting exercise in Moldova. In this…
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  The London based Foreign Policy Center recently published a set of articles related to the EU Neighbourhood countries, titled „Trouble in the Neighbourhood? The future of the EU's Eastern Partnership”. In includes contributions from…
  CHIȘINĂU // Independent Think Tank Expert-Grup launched, an online platform that will publish budgets and academic performances for all the schools in the country. The website is part of the Școala Mea initiative,…
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  Please check the Romanian version of the webpage.

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