EXPERT-GRUP announces a new Executive Director

Publishing date: Thursday, 13 June 2013
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Independent Think-Tank EXPERT-GRUP announces that, as of June 12, 2013, at the General Assembly of the members of the non-governmental organization, Valeriu Prohnitchi has resigned from his mandate as Executive Director, in relation to his transition to a new position as Economic Adviser of the Prime-minister of the Republic of Moldova. He has also withdrew his membership from the organisation.

According to the decision adopted by the General Assembly of members of the organization, Adrian Lupusor, former Programs Director at the EXPERT-GRUP, has been assigned as the new Executive Director. Valeriu Prohnitchi will continue to execute his technical functions as administrator of the Association for a short period of time until the legal registration by the Ministry of Justice of the change of management and full entry into office of Adrian Lupusor are accomplished.

Independent Think-Tank EXPERT-GRUP would like to state that its institutional values, objectives and specialisation areas remain unchanged. EXPERT-GRUP maintains its status of an analytical organization which is strong, unbiased and independent of any domestic or foreign political formation. The organization does not represent any economic, corporate or political interests and it is independently deciding on its institutional strategy. Its mission continues to be the one of offering a favourable environment for the expression of free and unbiased economic thinking. This will allow the organization to maintain its position as a leader in conducting unbiased analyses, in promoting innovative development ideas and solutions to the challenges faced by the Republic of Moldova along its way of economic transformation, democratic development and European integration.


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