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  Expert-Grup is launching the 11th issue of the Moldova Economic Growth Analysis (MEGA) magazine, which analyzes the key macroeconomic and sector-level trends in 2014, provides forecasts for key economic indicators for 2015 and offers an insight…
Expert-Grup în parteneriat cu Fundația Soros-Moldova / Programul Buna Guvernare prezintă studiul„Moralitatea Fiscală și stimularea acumulărilor fiscale la buget de către instituțiile de stat”. Scopul studiului este de a scoate în evidență cauzele complexe ale…
The Independent Think Tank Expert-Grup in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung is organizing the second edition of MACRO conference. The Conference aims at providing a platform for a comprehensive discussion of the Republic of Moldova country…
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The event is held in Romanian. Please refer to the Romanian version of the website.
The event was held in Romanian. Please refer to the Romanian version of the article.
EXPERT-GRUP is pleased to announce the launch event of the study and infographic „What countries can replace the Russia’s market for Moldovan products?” The study takes into account several robust parameters in assessing the perspectives of…
The event has been postponed. Please come back later.
The event will be held in Romanian: Main topic: Constraints of the labor market on the development of the Republic of Moldova and their respective mitigation measures. Perspectives of the EU Association Agreement.

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