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“MACRO” stands for “Moldova: Assessing Country Risks and Opportunities.” The conference has been conceived as an annual event bringing together decision makers, domestic and international policy experts and thinkers with the key purpose of discussing and advancing innovative ideas to support Moldova along its way of economic development and modernization.

The Conference offers a high-level intellectual platform to dissect the factors influencing Moldova’s attractiveness as destination for international investments as well as risk evaluation and alleviation which could prevent further development of Moldova.

The goal of the 6th edition of MACRO Annual International Conference „Moldova in 2018: making investments work for people and public good” is to discuss the role of private and public investment in the Moldovan economic development while ensuring respect for rights at work in order to achieve sustainable and inclusive economic growth. The conference will be composed of two interconnected panels. The first panel will discuss the state of the national economy, including recent trends and outlook, as well as the extent to which investments, both private and public, could lead to systemic economic and social transformations of the country.

The second panel will focus on private investments: key bottlenecks and opportunities to unleash the investment potential of Moldova and increase the spill-over effects for the entire society. The findings of “State of the Country Report 2018” will be presented at the conference and will provide intellectual stirring and analytical support for the discussions.

The MACRO Annual International Conference will take place on the 19th of October 2018, between 9:00 and 14:30, at the Radisson Blue Hotel, Răut Conference Hall, Chisinău, Moldova. The event will be attended by political leaders, policy makers, representatives of local governments and the private sector, local and foreign experts, representatives of CSOs and academia in Moldova.


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