Publications Author: Denis Cenușă

Energy, Russian Influence, and Democratic Backsliding in Central and Eastern Europe

Wednesday, 31 May 2017 11:40 Published in Alte publicații
The democratic transitions in Central and Eastern Europe are facing significant challenges...

Exporturile moldovenești către UE au înregistrat un trend ascendent în primii 2 ani de implementare a ZLSAC

Tuesday, 11 April 2017 07:09 Published in Comunicate de presă
Chișinău, 11 aprilie // Controversatul subiect al evoluției exporturilor moldovenești, ca urmare a implementării ZLSAC, a fost readus în discuție de către Centrul Analitic Expert-Grup, astăzi, 11 aprilie, în cadrul unui eveniment public...

Public call: 6 requests regarding the contract on concession of the exploration works on 40% of the territory of the Republic of Moldova

Wednesday, 05 April 2017 10:47 Published in Studii de politici publice
Overdependence of the Moldovan energy sector on imports makes energy sources diversification a constant national priority...

Electricity procurement: 3 post-tender scenarios

Friday, 31 March 2017 07:16 Published in Sectorul Public
The tenders regarding the electricity procurement for the period of 1 April 2017 – 31 March 2018 is a useful exercise in increasing the transparency of suppliers selection...

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