Pe 15 septembrie, Biroul Național de Statistică (BNS) a publicat rezultatele privind creșterea economică pentru al doilea trimestru al anului curent cu un Produs Intern Brut (PIB) în prețuri curente de 44,6 miliarde Lei și…
During May, ‘Inform, Empower and Act! Civil society for good budgetary governance in Moldova’ project organised information meetings with the project’s beneficiary mayoralties in each project region (North, Central, South and Gagauzia). The purpose of…
The economic commentary is available only in Romanian.
The report is available only in Romanian.
Context In addition to the threats related to the population’s health, the crisis generated by the Covid-19 pandemic presents the first economic challenges. Quarantine and social distancing measures have significantly reduced the activity of companies,…
The report is available only in Romanian.
As part of its global response to the Covid-19 crisis, the EU’s has announced a package of €962 million of support for the 6 Eastern neighbors, which is 1/3 out of the total amount directed to the whole…
EU responses to coronavirus require effective engagement with Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia - by broadening political and sectoral communication, facilitating access to European medical equipment and revising association agendas to reflect health needs in the…

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