More than 100 schools all over the country involved citizens in the budget dialogue and promoted educational and social responsibility policies due to the "My School" project

Conferința „Școala Mea” la 5 ani de implementare: rezultate și lecții învățate Conferința „Școala Mea” la 5 ani de implementare: rezultate și lecții învățate
Publishing date: Thursday, 22 November 2018
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The Independent Think-Tank Expert-Grup is drawing conclusions on the five-year implementation of the "My School" project within the national conference: "My School" after 5 years of implementation: results and lessons learned". The event was attended by the representatives of the over 100 schools that have been assisted during the five years of the project, the representatives of the district education departments, the representatives of the local public authorities, the regional partners, the politicians and the experts in the field of education.

In his opening speech Adrian Lupusor, executive director of Expert-Grup, stated that the ”My School” initiative has succeeded in promoting a dialogue culture among all actors in education and has allowed the establishment of an environment where social responsibility initiatives thrive and develop. "Over the years, we observed within the beneficiary schools an increasing receptiveness regarding the budget consultation exercise, from public authorities both at the local and district levels. The presence of mayors, district presidents and vice-presidents at the public budget audiences, as well as their involvement in solving school problems, are obvious indicators of a behavioral change that was aimed at through this project. We are pleased that many schools implement social accountability tools independently, and ”My School” responsibility tools are also replicated in consulting the budgets of municipalities".             

Anna Akhalkatsi, Country Manager of the World Bank Group in the Republic of Moldova, reiterated the importance of education for both individual success and the success of a community and, ultimately, of a nation. "It is an essential driver of a country’s well-being and enabler of strong human capital. This is why citizen participation in decision-making is of paramount importance. It enhances the quality of services and ensures their sustainability, building trust and transparency. Over the years, the “My School” project has proven the benefits and advantages of people’s participation. I hope that all schools in Moldova become inspired by this experience”.

Elena Belei, State Secretary for Research at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, highlighted the importance of the community involvement in school life and mentioned that «My School» is a beneficial and necessary project not only for the authorities and institutions involved, but also for the community. It is well known that any student who is informed today about the activity of the school, will be an active citizen tomorrow. Therefore, we support the continued implementation of this project, being convinced that it will contribute to a better education”.

We are pleased to remind that the Independent Think-Tank Expert-Grup is implementing the project "My School ­­– Social Accountability for the Education Reform in Moldova" starting with 2014, with the financial support provided by the Global Social Responsibility Partnership of the World Bank and the informative support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova.



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