Expert-Grup encourages you to contribute to the National Strategy for Development ”Moldova 2030”

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Publishing date: Saturday, 14 April 2018
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The first meetings of the 10 working groups established for the elaboration of the National Development Strategy "Moldova 2030" took place between March 15-23. This new strategy represents a visionary document that will trace the development path of the country until 2030. The strategy will be based on increasing the quality of people's lives, measured by the ten dimensions around which the strategy will be built, and subsequently national sectoral policies will be adjusted. The Strategic Planning Document will take into account, as a matter of priority, the objectives of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development and the provisions of the Association Agreement between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union.

Ion Gumene, ”Public policy and public administration reform” Director of Program at the Independent Think-Tank ”Expert-Grup” and the coordinator of this process, reiterated the need to have a rigorous strategic planning system, integrated and correlated with financial resources, and the need to reduce the existing number of policy documents which exceeds 300 nationally and to improve their quality.

To ensure a transparent and participatory process in the development of the new strategy, the sectoral working groups set up by ministries to develop the strategy included representatives of the central and local public administration authorities, academics and business, development partners and civil society organizations. The working group meetings were broadcast live, ensuring the opportunity to comment, send questions and suggestions in the comment module. In order to facilitate the gathering of opinions, a module dedicated to the NDS "Moldova 2030" was created on the platform, where all interested parties are invited to comment the strategy text in an interactive way according to the fields of interest so that a maximum number of people can contribute to the strategy.

After the adoption of NSD, each ministry will revaluate and adjust the sectorial strategic planning framework, the number of policy documents being reduced, while improving their quality and relevance.

The drafting of the Moldova 2030 Strategy is initiated and coordinated by the State Chancellery, with the support of the United Nations and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Moldova.


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