Open Budget Index 2017 – the position of Moldova on a global level

Publishing date: Wednesday, 31 January 2018
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For the first time in history, Republic of Moldova was officially included in the OBI (Open Budget Index), reaching a score of 58 points out of 100, or 16 points higher than the global average (42 points), being ranked 33rd at the global level. The results reveal that our country offers limited budget information, along with Slovakia and Poland (59 points), higher than Ukraine (54) and Hungary (46), however, registering a lower score compared to Romania (75 points out of 100).

Building on best global budget transparency practices, International Budget Partnership measures the Open Budget Index (OBI) once every two years. This index measures the budgetary transparency, budget oversight and public participation in the budgetary process. There are 115 countries in the ranking and the outcome is determined by the score. Each country is assigned a maximum of 100, which determines its world ranking.


Moldova has a level of supervision of the institutions - the Parliament and the Court of Accounts - 59 points out of 100, similar to the countries in the region like Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, but significantly lower than our Ukrainian neighbours, who scored 83 points in this chapter.


At the level of public participation of the citizens, Republic of Moldova registered a score of 7 out of 100 points, meaning that the government doesn’t manage to involve its citizens in the process of elaboration of the budget, especially due to the lack of efficient instruments and mechanisms for citizens’ involvement in this process, and also poor capitalization of available tools. Among the countries with the best score can be mentioned New Zeeland, South Africa and Sweden.


At the regional level, we can highlight the advancement of Romania in top 10 countries, and at the global level the best progress was achieved by Georgia, Jordan, Mexico and Senegal, thanks to the efforts of governments, civil society, and active and involved mass-media:


For more details you can access the country report:


Below you can watch a live video from the launch of the event hosted by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova.


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