MACRO 2017: “Moldova of 2030 in Europe of 2030: defining a sustainable development path in a dynamic environment”

Publishing date: Friday, 08 September 2017
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MACRO 2017 is organized by the Independent Think-Tank Expert-Grup in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Moldova. The conference aims to serve as a high-level intellectual platform to dissect the country’s economic, political and security related risks and opportunities, and discuss the way they shape the economic and social development path of the Republic of Moldova.

The goal of the 5th edition of MACRO Annual International Conference is to discuss the development prospects of Moldova until 2030 in the context of instability and uncertainty on the European continent. The panellists will analyse the key vulnerabilities that Moldova is facing, as well as the current situation and trends in Europe, and will define policy solutions for making the country more resilient to external shocks. The “Moldova 2017 State of the Country Report” findings that will be presented at the conference will provide intellectual stirring and analytical support for the discussions.

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