Rating of bank shareholders' transparency in Moldova, as of 31 July 2016

Publishing date: Thursday, 04 August 2016
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Chișinău // Expert-Grup has published the second issue of its Bank Shareholders’ Transparency Rating in Moldova. According to the analysis based on the information available on banks’ websites as of July 31st 2016 and other public sources, the most transparent shareholders are at BCR Chisinau, Eximbank - Gruppo Veneto Banca, Mobias Bank - Groupe Societe General and ProCredit Bank.

The Rating looks as follows:




-          BCR Chișinău S.A.

-          Eximbank - Gruppo Veneto Banca S.A.

-          Mobiasbanca - Groupe Societe Generale S.A.

-          ProCredit Bank” S.A.



Very high level of transparency – there is a high volume of public information available on a large majority of shareholders, which confirms their quality and value for the bank.

-          Comerțbank S.A.

-          FinComBank S.A.

-          Moldova Agroindbank S.A.


High level of transparency – there is a high volume of information available on the majority of bank shareholders.

-          Energbank S.A.

-          Moldindconbank S.A.

-          Victoriabank S.A.




Average level of transparency – there is few information available about some shareholders, or they fall into specific risk groups.


-          EuroCreditBank S.A.


Low level of transparency – a significant proportion of shares is owned by individuals on which there is little information available or which fall into risk categories, or the bank has made errors in the information disclosed.

The banks are listed in alphabetical order within each category

No bank has claimed the lowest rating of one star. The one star rating implies a very low level of transparency, where the majority of shares is owned by individuals on which there is no public information or they fall into risk categories.

"The banks have been particularly responsive to our calls for publishing information on shareholders, so that many of them had their scores improved. Should this trend continue, I believe in the next 2-3 three issues of the Rating, most banks will be graded as high as 4 or 5 stars”, said Natan Garștea, program director at Expert-Grup and co-author of the study, on the Rating results.

It is worth noting that this Rating does not reflect the solvency and financial stability of these banks, but only refers to the structure of the final beneficiaries of the shares, which were analysed in light of two perception indicators: (i) transparency; and (ii) financial strength. For more information of methodology, please access the analysis here (only available in Romanian).




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